Watch Me

The voices telling you that "you don’t belong" or that "you’ll never be good enough" aren’t always inside your head. It’s time to defeat the negative thinking, on and off the field. You have nothing to prove, no matter where the voice originates.

Thanks to my diverse cast and crew of multiple races, genders, and beliefs which gave of their time freely to help create something that matters.

Directed by Connor Carroll
Production by Gear Seven Creative
Produced by Connor Carroll and Ben Skipworth
DP: Allison Anderson
AD: Jaclyn Edmonson
Editor: Chris Amos
Colorist: Asa Fox
Sound Design: NPALL Audio
1st AC: Emerson Cadell
2nd AC: Natalie Simmons
Gaffers: Kirk Slawek, John Spencer
Grips: Tyler "Chaw" Chase, Jason Hassel
Sound: Tyler Weisenauer
HMU: Chrissie Marie, Shaina Gailbreath
Wardrobe: Twila Trahn
Art Dept: Kelly Courtney
BTS: Mika Matin
PA: Paige Maudlin, John Kurtz
Crafty: Annie Himmelhaver, Michelle Atkins
Graphic Design: Ryan Scott
Copywriter: Hayley Reaver

Music by Deadman